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Old 12-13-2009, 05:29 PM
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Default Site Rules.

Site Rules

1) Threatening, fighting, or harassing other members will not be tolerated. Any threatening or harassing post will be removed and the guilty party may be asked to leave the site.

2)All Sportsman are welcome here regardless of Race or religion. Racial comments, Jokes, Videos etc will not be tolerated on this site. All Sportsman are welcome here regardless of Race

3) Using of open forums to attempt to settle, debt. deadlines, or any business issue is prohibited. Take it to PM or email, or phone.

4) Advertising a company/ product in a attempt to sell, or spamming of members is not allowed. Spamming is defined as using of the forums/pm system to promote/sell a product or soliciting of members.

5) Using the site to "stir the pot" ,get under someone's skin or generally just trying to start trouble is not allowed. Other sites have had too much of that in the past and it will not be tolerated. Joking around is fine but remember it is very difficult to determine if someones joking or being serious in Text.

6) If you are a business and are interested in becoming a site advertiser please contact your administrator.

7) Arguing with a moderators/admins decision in open forum is not allowed. If you disagree with an admins/mods decision, take it up in PM. An Admin's decision is final! We understand you may not agree with the rules of this site but they are this sites rules. If you feel you cannot abide by the rules of the site, please feel free to not post.
This is a privately owned and operated site that is open to the public, not a publicly owned site. We do welcome any suggestions on how we could improve the site you may have.

8) The use of foul vulgar language is not permitted on this forum. This is a family friendly site, if you can't say it to your mother ,don't say it here.

9) Soliciting members for money or donations is not allowed unless you have prior approval from the adminstration.

10) Try to remain on topic! We know this can be difficult as threads grow in length but please no deliberate hijacking of someone's thread.

11) The Solicitation of Members to leave Tactical Hog Control is not allowed. (Recruiting for your own site or business)

12) The use of links in signatures is prohibited. Links in signatures are reserved for site sponsors. If your interested in becoming a site sponsor, please contact your administrator
Links will be allowed to personal pages and clubs as long as neither is selling bowfishing/hunting gear, is a guide service, or has a forum. If you have a site in question, please contact an administrator for prior approval.

13) After registration, a new user can post replies to existing threads, but cannot create new threads. After you have been a member for 5 days and have posted 3 replies, this restriction is lifted. Sorry for any inconvenience, but this is necessary to reduce the amount of "spam" posts by automated "spambots". If you simply can't wait, send me a PM that describes your situation and I'll consider over-riding this restriction.

14) The Administration reserves the right to amend the site rules as we see fit, and at anytime without notice.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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